Artist Titel SkivmŠrke Artikelnummer Pris
   tidskrift American Music: Faye Adams/instrumental forever/Midas Record   AM 144 75
   tidskrift Blues&Rhythm: Pee Wee Crayton/Specialty story/Jewel Bass   B&R 318 80
   tidskrift Blues&Rhythm: Jimmy Cavallo/Big band bounce & boogie/Dorothy   B&R 319 80
 blandad musik DVD: Down home music: A journey through the heartland 1963 Arhoolie Foundation/CRO AF DVD 205 265
 soul Bob Holmes« Nashville soul (F North/Bill Brandon/Sandra King Kent CDKEND 463 198
 soul Nothing but a houseparty: The birth of the Philly sound 1967 Kent CDKEND 466 198
 soul More relative soul: Sisters doing it with soul (Lamp Sisters Red Onion/VIV RO 103 180
 swamp pop Swamp pop by the bayou: Let«s get together tonight Ace CDCHD 1499 185
Abshire Nathan & The PIne Grov French blues: Bayou hits; the Khoury recordings    (24 trax) Arhoolie ARH CD 373 155
Alexander Linsey Two cats   (kraftfull sŒng, stark Chicagoblues, blŒs bitvis) Delmark DE 851 145
Anderson Kip The many labels of... ((Excello/Checker/ True Spot/Derrick m Spoonful/VIV SPOON 1007 145
Bibb Eric Migration blues         (lysande recensioner!) Hus 1 PŒ …n/UNI/CRO HUS 5102 198
Billy T Band Reckoning (amerikan-norrmannen Bill Troiani i skšn roots-CD) Big H Records BIGHCD 1601 165
Bo, Eddie & Chris Barber The 1991 Sea-Saint sessions         (Russell Batiste Jr. dr) Proper/CRO LM 203 205
Bryant Don LP: Don«t give up on love          ("Hi-soundet finns kvar") Fat Possum/BOR FP 1607-1 315
Bryant Don Don«t give up on love   (nyinp. "klassiska Hi-soundet kvar") Fat Possum/BOR FP 1607-2 198
Burgin, Rockin« Johnny Neoprene fedora               (MNADENS CD juni 2017) West Tone WTR 1705 125
Como Mamas Move upstairs           (nu med komp av The Glorifiers Band) Daptone/BOR DAP 045 198
Cotten Elizabeth Live! (LP fr1984. Freight train/Washington blues/Shake sugar Arhoolie ARHCD 477 175
Daniels Orch., Clarence Hard workin«     (feat. Obie Jessie, Sandy Miller. R&B/jazz) Ace CDCHD 1504 198
Fran, Carol & Clarence Hollimo It«s about time             (insp. 2000 i L.A. Grymt svŠng!) JSP JSP 3007 175
Greasy Gravy When the game is on               (bra norskt retrosoulband) Big H Records BIGHCD 1701 165
Gunter Arthur Baby let«s play house: Complete Excello singles 1954-61 Jasmine/BOR JASMCD 3077 170
Jackson Mahalia Moving up a little higher (bara outgivet mtrl. Prod. T Heilb Shanachie/BOR 6066 220
Jazz at Berlin Philharmonic VI Celtic roots  (Reiersrud/Ale Mšller/E Bibb/Aly Bain m fl ACT Music/CRO ACT 98362 210
Jordan Louis Louis Jordan live!          (fr 1974 i CA och -81 i England) JSP JSP 3008 175
June, Valerie The order of time              (hŠrlig musik helt enkelt...) Concord/CRO RE 37712-02 205
Kent Willie & His Gents The King of Chicago«s West Side blues (w. E Taylor/Branch/Pr Wolf 120867 140
Montoya Coco Hard truth                (prod. Tony Braunagel) Alligator/BOR ALCD 4974 198
Mr. Sipp Knock a hole in it            ("Blues for the 21 century") Malaco/CRO MCD 7551 198
North Freddie What are you doing to me: Complete A-Bet recordings... plus Kent CDTOP 464 198
Reed Jimmy 2-CD: Ain«t that loving you baby: Singles A«s & B«s 1953-61 Jasmine/BOR JASMCD 3034/5 215
Staples Mavis Living on a high note (guests Valerie June, Trombone Shorty) Anti-/CRO 87444-2 210
Strauss Kai Getting personal             (tysk bluesman av hšgsta klass) Continental Blue Heaven/BOR CBHCD 2030 198
Strong & The Diablos, Nolan Daddy rockin« strong: 1954-62 Fortune recordings (29 trax) Hoodoo/BOR 263564 145
Sweet Angel Can«t walk away           (southern soul. Rec Jefferson 192) SA Records SA 27652 165
Tedeschi Trucks Band 2-CD+DVD: Live from The Fox Oakland Concord/CRO 7202316 310
Texas Alexander m fl 4-CD: Texas Alexander and his circle 1927-1951 JSP JSP 77203 260
Victoria, Adia Beyond the bloodhounds (stjŠrnskott med bluesy rootsy americ Atlantic/CRO CD 554747 190
Wheeler James Ready!  (B Flynn, Golden Wheeler, Gloria Thompson-Rodgers) Delmark DE 719 140
Wressnig Raphael & Igor Prado The soul connection            (Wee Willie Walker vo 5 trax) Pepper Cake/CRO PEC 2104 215